Typical Minnesota Bow Kill - Bill Urbaniak’s 180 5/8

Bill Urbaniak, of Hugo, is one of the lucky ones. Eight years ago his cousin invited him to hunt in a good area in the south Minneapolis/St. Paul suburbs. The spot paid off big in 1996 when Bill arrowed an incredible typical on the last day of November.

It was snowing fairly hard as Bill slipped into his ready-made pocket at the base of a dogwood bush. By 4:45 it was starting to get dark when Bill was startled by a trohphy buck only 200 yards from the fence line where he hid. "At 25 yards I drew my bow,” Bill remembers. “I was lucky he was alone so I could draw without being seen. He stopped behind the branch, 17 yards away, right in the same tracks where the eight pointer had stood only a few minutes earlier.

"He stood there for a legitimate two minutes. I was at full draw the whole time, holding about 30 pounds on my bow. He finally took a couple of steps forward so I could aim and release. The arrow went to the right of where I was aiming and hit his shoulder with a loud crack and he ran back in the direction he'd come. When he was 200 yards away he went down.”

Bill Urbaniak’s buck netted 180 5/8 points and ended up being the largest typical taken with a bow in Minnesota that season.