Jeffery Whisker’s 191 Typical Iowa Bow Kill

191 Typical Iowa Bow Kill
Jeffrey Whisker shot this giant 191-inch typical ten pointer with his bow in the mid-1990s.

Jeffrey Whisker’s first bow kill turned out to be the buck of a lifetime. Whisker is a rural postman in eastern Iowa and had seen this giant several times the winter before he arrowed the buck. Instead of turning around in a farmer’s driveway and exposing himself to a dangerous blind hill, Whisker drove on past to the top of the hill and turned there. “I could see him bedded in a thicket from the top of hill,” Whisker said. “He was there a half-dozen times that winter. The next year I went out and bought a bow, a release and some arrows and began to practice with the intention of trying to take the buck.

“I started hunting him right from the start of the season. In mid-October, I was on a tree stand in a tiny wood lot surrounded by standing corn near where I’d seen him when he came past at close range. I could hardly draw my bow, but managed to make a good shot. I could hear him crash into the corn as he made his death run. When I went after him I found a hallway of corn mowed down with the giant buck at the end of it.”