John Nylund’s 190 3/8 Typical Kansas Gun Kill

Hunting along the fertile Republican river in northern Kansas, John Nylund got to his tree stand at 4:00 the second afternoon of the season. The tree stand was located along a thick draw adjacent to a property that was off-limits to hunting. "After sitting for only an hour I heard a deer coming," said Nylund. "I couldn't see it yet but got into position for a shot in case it was a good one. When I saw the buck he was about 80 yards away and coming my way, so I waited. I was worried about being seen because the tree stand is fairly open. But he never noticed me.

"I eased the safety off on the SK. [John was using an open-sighted SKS 7.62 mm Chinese military rifle (Jeremy had taken the scoped .270]. The buck kept coming closer. I was getting pretty excited. When the buck went behind a tree I got the gun up and aimed. He was only 30 or 35 yards away, broadside, when he stepped into the open. As soon as I shot I knew I had hit him. The buck made a loop toward my tree stand, and when he was about 15 yards past I shot him again. This time he went down in his tracks."

John's big 6 X 6 typical has a gross score of 205 4/8 and a net of 190 3/8 Boone & Crockett points.