Russ Clarken’s 236 7/8 Non-Typical Iowa Bow Kill

Russ Clarken 236 7/8 Non-Typical Iowa Bow Kill
Russ Clarken shot this giant 236 7/8 inch non-typical that he hunted for nearly two weeks before finally getting the shot.

"I was driving out to deer hunt when I saw the monster about 80 yards from the road,” said Clarken. “I went back into town and got my friend and his video camera. We shot several minutes of film before the trophy buck ran off. My hunting area was nearby, so I was full of anticipation as I made my way to my best stand. I didn't see the buck again until one week later, even though I hunted the area every day."

On November 12 Russ saw the giant, wide-racked buck following a doe up the ridge directly toward his tree stand. For no apparent reason the doe got spooky while the buck was still 20 yards away, screened from Clarken by limbs. Knowing that all was not well, the buck began plowing into a thicket, still not offering a shot. Though Russ grunted several times the big buck continued plowing deeper into the cover.

Oddly, it was a gobbler walking through the dry leaves that had spooked the doe. The same steady footfalls finally drew the curious buck out of the brush. After identifying the source of the sound, the brute angled away from Russ, sticking to open woods. At a range of 25 yards Clarken's arrow perfectly centered his heart. With a net nontypical score of 236 7/8 points, the buck is the standing Iowa state record nontypical.