Stephen Weilert’s 193 2/8 Typical Kansas Bow Kill

Stephen Weilert 193 2/3 Typical Kansas Bow Kill
Stephen Weilert killed this huge buck with a net typical score of 193 2/8 inches in Kansas while hunting a bigger buck! We can only imagine what that one must have looked like!

Dr. Stephen Weilert spent three years in the early 90’s exclusively deer hunting an unbelievable buck which he swears was a big, clean 8 X 8 with a 30 inch spread. So it was with mixed emotions (if that’s possible) that he released the string on this Kansas state record.

On the morning of November 17 Stephen was deer hunting the edge of bedding area. “Shortly after getting settled I looked to the east,” said Weilert. “I saw a buck coming. When he worked his way closer I thought, 'That is a nice buck!'. But I still wasn't planning on trying for him. In fact, I hadn't even nocked an arrow yet!

"I wanted to go quail hunting with my son before he left for college so I had second thoughts and decided to see if I could get him to come closer. When I grunted the buck jumped the fence and came straight toward me. He stopped about 30 yards away and began turning to leave when I grunted again. This time he came within about 10 or 12 yards. My bow was drawn, but I hesitated in releasing the string. I couldn't decide if I wanted to shoot him. Finally I had to let go.

"I went into town and told my brother Dave about the hit. I had to do some business so Dave volunteered to get a head start and left to begin tracking. When I got back to my hunting area I went straight to my stand and began blood-trailing behind Dave. After a while it was starting to get dark and I doubted I'd be able to follow much farther. I heard a whistle; it was Dave approaching. The buck had run about 250 yards and was laying dead just ahead. The wide 6 X 6 scored 193 2/8 typical points after grossing more than 212 points.