Steve Tyer's 194 Typical Iowa Bow Kill

Steve Tyer 194 Typical Iowa Bow Kill
Steve Tyer, farthest to the left, with his 194-inch typical bow kill. All three deer hunters are holding racks with net typical scores over 190 inches. This is one of the most impressive displays of big typical bucks you will ever find at one taxidermist shop!.

On Thanksgiving Day 1994 everything finally came together. "It was a warm day," Tyer said. "I was about to climb down from my tree stand after grunting-in several small bucks when deer running across the draw behind me got my attention. Since I was hunting right next to a housing development, I thought someone had jumped them. As it turned out, it was the big buck following a doe."

The pair worked to within 30 yards of Steve's tree stand before the doe turned to walk the other way. Steve knew the buck would follow. Aiming quickly with his 30 yard pin for the center of the buck's chest, he released. The arrow hit high. After several hours of tracking and looking, Steve finally found the buck the next morning. Incredible tine length and near-perfect symmetry combine to produce a net typical score of 194 Pope & Young points. The buck is the third largest all-time bowkilled typical in Iowa.