Treve Gray’s 211 Non-Typical Missouri Muzzleloader Kill

While hunting northern Missouri with a Knight Wolverine during the regular firearms season, Treve Gray took the Missouri state record muzzleloader non-typical. The tree Gray chose for his tree stand overlooked a narrow bottleneck along a creek bottom joining two large wood lots - a classic Midwestern whitetail ambush.

"It was really cold on opening morning," said Gray. "The temperature was 10 degrees when I got up, and the wind was blowing hard. When I got to the tree, I just couldn't make myself climb it. Instead, I attached the climber seat to the tree and sat just off the ground. A doe came through early, and by the time the buck showed up only an hour later I was already thinking about heading back to my truck to warm up. He crossed the creek toward me and hit the doe's trail. Immediately he dropped his nose and started following her. I couldn't tell much about his antlers yet because the brush was too thick.

"As he went through the first open lane he had his head down and I didn't want to risk a shot for fear he was a small buck. When he got to the second opening I hit the grunt call just as he cleared the brush. He stopped and snapped his head up to look straight at me. That's when I knew it was a shooter. I pulled the gun up and shot him at 60 yards as he took off on the doe's trail again. It looked like a good hit.

"He went about 30 yards, diving right through a barbed wire fence, and stopped to look back at me. Finally, he got wobbly and went down. It didn't seem nearly as cold anymore." Treve's buck later officially netted 211 Boone & Crockett and Longhunter Society points.